The Best Combination with MicroBots
Explore benefits of Prota in the cloud

Prota enables users to control MicroBots from everywhere and monitor every moment from every device in realtime.

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Relay Edges

What is a
Relay Edge device?

A Relay Edge device is an Android, iOS or Prota OS-powered device that act as a bridge between Prota and MicroBots. Smartphone, tablet, Raspberry Pi or Prota, you can choose the device you wish to become an Edge.

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Benefits from

Free yourself from the necessity to buy a smart hub, control remotely MicroBots, enjoy new features, improved responsiveness and more.

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Getting Started with Prota

Prota exists everywhere around you. Simply start using any MicroBot or any “Made with Prota” device. Your Prota will be automatically created in the cloud, and you will be able to access your Prota from any Edge device such as smartphones, tablet PCs and Prota Edges.
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