MicroBot Alert
Smart Sensor for Smarter Living

“Alert” is a tiny device that measures various atmospheric variables including temperature, moisture, air pressure, light intensity, noise level and CO2 level and detects any movements. It can send you a notification when the environment becomes too cold, too dry, when the lights turn on or when your laundry finishes,  the list goes on.

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A mobile weather station

Alert offers limitless applications:
  • Check the current room condition at your exact location (e.g. on a sofa, on the floor, etc.)
  • Get alarmed when the CO2 level is too high and you need some fresh air (e.g. while driving, during a meeting, etc.)
  • Get notified when someone moves…
  • Share your atmospheric data with your friends and family in real-time
    and much more!

Smart sensors for
smarter living

The smallest and smartest consumer sensor that tracks and measures your environment.

Works remotely
With a Hub, even when you are far away from home

Add a Hub to extend the range to WiFi and access your Alert from anywhere, anytime.

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How MicroBot Alert is being used in real settings:

Smart Alerts
Easy to configure and receive notifications

Set alerts when:

It becomes noisy in the Baby’s room

It gets cold in the living room

There’s high humidity in my cellar

Some examples

Place it on a desk

Attach on a wall

Clip onto a backpack


  • Multiple sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, light intensity, noise level and CO2/ Monoxide level, organic chemicals (VOCs), and movement
  • Built in rechargeable Lithiom-Ion battery
  • Optional battery extender extends the battery to up to 2 years
  • Optional Hub M extends the range to WiFi so you can access your Alert anywhere in the world
  • Made in Korea

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Installation is easy

Pair, Attach, Use… That’s it!