MicroBot Alert
Smart Sensor for Smarter Living

“Alert” is a tiny device that measures various atmospheric variables including temperature, moisture, air pressure, light intensity, noise level and CO2 level and detects any movements. It can send you a notification when the room becomes too cold, the place is too dry for you, someone knocks on your door, your laundry finishes, etc.; the list goes on.

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The mobile weather station

Alert offers limitless applications:
  • Check the current room condition at your exact location (e.g. on a sofa, on the floor, etc.)
  • Get alarmed when the CO2 level is too high and you need some fresh air (e.g. while driving, during a meeting, etc.)
  • Ring loudly when someone moves your backpack (the “watchdog” mode)
  • Share your atmospheric data with your friends and family in real-time
    and much more!

Smart Alerts
Easily configure and receive notifications

Smart alerts can bring your attention when you really need. It gets better and better as you use it more and more.

Alert me When it becomes noisy for my kid

Alert me When it gets a bit cold for me

Alert me When there’s no movement in my parents’ house for one day

Some examples

Place it on a desk

Attach on a wall

Clip onto a backpack


  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Temperature / Humidity / Noise / Relative air pressure / Light intensity / CO2
  • Built-in accelerometer