Meet the advanced smart gadgets that connect your things and places to the Internet, turning the analog into the digital.

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MicroBot Push

The wireless robotic button pusher, turning any dumb appliance into a remotely controllable smart gadget.

MicroBot Sense
Smart sensor for smarter living

The travelling weather station providing digital atmospheric data around you. Place it somewhere you want to monitor 24/7 or take it with you anywhere you go.
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Common features of a MicroBot

Bluetooth Low Energy

Dedicated Smartphone apps

Cloud pairing*

Compatible with Prota / Alexa / IFTTT

Built-in rechargeable batteries included



MicroBot Sense
Smart sensor for smarter living

MicroBot Sense is a tiny smart sensor that can measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 level, light intensity, noise level and movements. Some use cases are
  • Checking how the living room and the bed room conditions are using the smartphone app or Amazon Alexa
  • Getting notified when CO2 level is too high while driving
  • Sharing my current hiking atmosphere with my friends and family
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  • Kickstarter campaign: March 2018
  • First Batch: July 2018